User Guide

Unboxing your Screenplify Device

When you first unbox your Screenplify Device follow the quick installation guide to get started:

Once plugged in, your screen will display the Screenplify Start Page below.

This means that the screen is ready for activation. You will notice two icons on the bottom-left corner of the screen which are indicators for:

Screenplify installed successfully and works on this screen.
Something went wrong with the Screenplify installation. Restart screen and if problem persists, contact vendor.
Thumb drive plugged in, and activation zip file detected.
No thumb drive plugged in, or activation zip file not detected in thumb drive.
Login to Screenplify CMS

To access the Screenplify Content Management System (back-end), head on to the URL provided in your "Welcome to Screenplify" email/box.

Login with the following credentials:

Username: <registered email>
Password: <registered password>

Once logged in, the website will immediately redirect to the Layouts page.

Create New Layout

  1. In the Layouts page, click on the plus icon on the top-right corner to start creating a new layout.
  2. At this step, you can choose whether to start designing your layout from scratch, choose one of the available layout templates, or upload a zip file of a pre-designed layout.
    For this quick-start, choose "START FROM A TEMPLATE" then select the Attitude Kiosk layout template. After your selection, you will be taken to the layout editor page.
  3. The layout editor will load the Portrait layout which will consist of a predesigned layout structure, several components, such as tabs and light boxes, and a clock widget.
  4. Hover over an element to quickly resize, reposition, or delete it by clicking on the respective action icon.
  5. Click on an element then click on the Toolbox button on the bottom-right corner of the editor. This will pop-open the toolbox in the “Properties” tab. From here, you can further configure specific properties and options for the selected element. Figure shows “Properties” for the Logo element.
  6. To add a new element to the layout click on the Toolbox button then go to the Elements tab. Click on the element that you wish to add and the new element will appear on the Layout Editor. Configure the new element according to your preference by following step 4 and 5.
  7. Once done with layout structure, click on “Save Changes”, then click on “Manage Content” button to begin filling in content to your elements in your layout. This will take you to the Customize Layout page which displays what your screen display will look like.
  8. Begin adding content to you screen by clicking on the element that you wish to edit. The following figures show the Content Manager after clicking on the Lightbox element on the top left corner.
Manage Layout Content
Schedule Layout Content
Create Screen in CMS
Activate Screenplify: Online Activation

  1. Login to the back-end system. In the screen listing page, create a new screen. On the listings table, find your new screen and click on the options button, then click on “Settings”.
  2. In the settings page, setup the network details by filling up either the Wifi OR the Ethernet forms and click “Save”.
  3. You will be taken back to the listings page. Click on your new screen’s option button, then click on “Download Client”. The file will start downloading, and once done, copy this file into a thumbdrive.
  4. Plugin the thumbdrive to your screen. Once successfully detected by your screen, the online activation will begin and the loader will be displayed on screen. If the system faces an error during activation, you will be notified, otherwise, it will show the activation success notification, and the screen will restart.
Activate Screenplify: Offline Activation

  1. Take a thumbdrive and plug-in to your screen. A file will be copied into the thumbdrive. Once the Remove Thumbdrive (figure) notification is displayed, unplug your thumbdrive and plug in to your computer.
  2. Login to the back-end. In the screen listing page, create a new screen if you haven’t already.
    You will notice the new screen will have the “pending” button under the status column. Click on this “pending” button, and you will see the following prompt.
  3. Drag and drop the from your thumbdrive. The system will automatically process the file and once the done, there will be a button to download the activation file
  4. Download this file and copy to your thumbdrive. Plug the thumbdrive back to your screen.
  5. Once detected, the screen will start Offline Activation and will show the loader. If the system faces an error during activation, you will be notified, otherwise, it will show the activation success notification, and the screen will restart.

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